Call for Participation: Integrated Marine Debris Observing System

05 July 2024

IMDOS Call for Participation


We are excited to invite researchers, policymakers, and international organizations to join the team supporting the Integrated Marine Debris Observing System (IMDOS). 

This initiative responds to the strong demand for a comprehensive global system to monitor marine debris, as expressed by the research community, policy- and decision-making bodies, and the private sector. 



IMDOS aims to provide coordination and guidance to guide the marine debris community in establishing a sustained global observing system facilitating open access data. An integrated global marine debris observing system is essential for accurately assessing the extent of marine debris pollution. Establishing a consolidated baseline knowledge of marine debris distribution at national, regional, and global levels is essential for meaningful assessments and mitigation actions. 


In the context of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee developing an international legally binding instrument on plastic pollution, IMDOS will foster the delivery of the necessary data to inform effective actions, set realistic targets, and develop, implement, and adjust policies.  


Participants in IMDOS will have the opportunity to join one of the 14 task teams listed below focused on thematic and technical coordination and stakeholder engagement. These task teams will define their objectives and drive forward the critical aspects of marine debris monitoring coordination, ensuring a comprehensive and collaborative approach. 


Your participation will lead the creation of a robust, interoperable network that will facilitate data sharing and the development of standardized methodologies. By joining this network, you will guide the community to shape the actions to reach the IMDOS vision of a globally coordinated and sustained observing system of marine debris to fill knowledge gaps and to address diverse stakeholder needs. 


Whether you are a researcher, government official, or representing an initiative working on marine debris monitoring, your expertise and insights are invaluable to IMDOS. Together, we can make significant strides in addressing marine debris pollution, protecting marine ecosystems, promoting sustainable development and fostering global cooperation. 

Join us in this vital endeavour to make sure reliable data inform both scientific advancements and decision-making to safeguard our oceans for future generations. For more information on the Integrated Marine Debris Observing System (IMDOS), please visit or contact us at 



IMDOS will be headed by two committees forming the main decision-making body: 

  • The Steering Committee will be responsible for coordinating IMDOS activities. It will be made up of all Task Teams chairs and co-chairs.  
  • The Advisory Committee will be providing advice on high level strategic directions and connections. It will identify and, where possible, contribute resources. 

The present IMDOS interim Steering Committee will be in charge of appointing the Task Teams, Steering Committee and Advisory Committee members.  



We are seeking participants to join one of the Task Teams focused on thematic and technical coordination and stakeholder engagement. This call is for voluntary participation in the initiative. 


As a participant, you will contribute to the definition of the task team objectives and deliverables. We are looking for individuals with varied expertise, including monitoring marine debris, data sharing, or the data-/policy-making interface, who can commit to delivering actions, participating in regular meetings, and reporting on activities. 


How to Apply:

To express your interest or apply to participate, fill in the form available below. Please complete the application form by 1 September 2024. For any inquiries, contact Feedback will be provided to all respondents by October 2024. 


Join us in this important effort to support the IMDOS vision of a globally coordinated and sustained marine debris observing system to fill knowledge gaps and to address diverse stakeholder needs with adequate data and information. 



Task Teams Description

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